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Hobbyoutletshop.com is part of Grootspoor.com. Grootspoor.com is a full service shop / webshop for scales II, I and 0 (LGB / Marklin gauge 1 etc) At Hobbyoutletshop.com our goal is to offer you all scales smaller than gauge 1. We only sell used items, residual stocks from retailers, importers and manufacturers. We sell at the lowest possible price. We have gained our experience since 2002. A trusted address, a different concept.


Model railway outlet sells exclusively online. We do not have a store function. Picking up orders is only possible by appointment.


Used items are tested, the condition is indicated per item in the webshop. The price of the item is related to the condition of the item. If you have any questions about an item, please inquire with us before purchasing.

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